Birth Defect Attorney

Claiming Compensation for a Birth Defect

The birth of a child is one of the most beautiful moments in the lives of his/her parents; with months of care, doctor visits and planning for the new arrival. However, in certain instances, this magical time for mother and father can be hampered by unnecessary and unforeseen medical negligence. This neglect on the part of the doctor/hospital staff can result in birth defects or cerebral palsy.
Cerebral Palsy is a group of chronic conditions that can, in some cases, affect movement and motor function, muscle co-ordination resulting from brain trauma. The condition can affect sight, speech and hearing, and impinge on an individual’s ability to learn and feel.
In most cases, the cerebral palsy is caused by a congenital malformation in the brain which develops in the womb, but in some unfortunate cases, medical malpractice/negligence is to blame.
The condition is always caused by harm to one or more parts of the brain and usually occurs:
• during pregnancy
• during birth or when the child is being delivered
• shortly after the birth takes place
• during the child’s infancy
During birth, if a child’s brain is does not get an adequate level of oxygen, it can result in cerebral palsy and quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Other issues like epilepsy and similar conditions can arise; these will need prolonged care.
The most common form is known as Spastic Cerebral Palsy. This is caused by partial oxygen deprivation before the child is actually born.
The majority of births in San Antonio and the larger Texas area occur with little or no complication, or medical negligence, some unfortunately do.
If you think your child has the medical condition due to improper care,a Law Firm will provide an experienced attorney who can diligently assist you and your family. We can prove that doctors, nurses, medical professionals were not in accordance with medical standards.
The team at the Law Firm has always gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our injured parties get the best legal representation in the Alamo City –your case will be no different. We can help you determine whether your child’s disability could have been prevented.
The Law Firm team is highly experienced, having been in practice for many years. We have a long history of dealing with birth injury cases and will ensure your case is handled with diligence and the utmost care.
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