Family Immigration Lawyer

Family Immigration Lawyer

Finding Solutions To Difficult Immigration Problems

Some of the most difficult immigration matters concern families and couples. When a family or couple is separated or is threatened with separation, the resulting hardship can affect the emotional wellbeing, financial stability, and social functioning of everyone involved. More information @ how to find a good immigration lawyer

If you are trying to keep your family together or reunite family members, having the help of a skilled immigration lawyer can make a big difference. If you have questions about how to assist a spouse, parent, sibling, son or daughter, or another loved one, talk to an attorney experienced with family-based visas.immigration law

Working To Help Families And Solve Problems

At our Law Firm, we work hard to help families stay together, to unite families, and to provide solutions to immigration challenges of all kinds. We are skilled at explaining federal immigration laws, navigating immigration processes that impact families, and proving to immigration courts that granting a visa is in everybody’s best interests.

Our firm provides courteous service and attention to the unique needs of our clients. With regard to family-based visas, we can advise and represent you if your concern involves:

Dependent parents, children, or other relatives who rely on the financial support of a worker who needs a visa
A marriage visa or fiancé/fiancée K-1 visa
A person who overstayed a visa or entered the country illegally
Waivers and motions
An educational or employment matter
An abusive relationship or problematic green card marriage that can involve testimony and medical reports
A person who is dependent on a spouse for a green card
While certain rules apply to all family-based immigration matters, every situation is different. We can provide a free consultation to answer your questions.

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Contact our Law Firm to consult a family immigration attorney regarding your situation. Our staff members speak Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian, Persian, and Latvian.